Twenty-Twelve: Looking Back

This post doesn’t need images to convey my message for this post. This time, I want to share my thoughts of the year that was in plain view.

The year 2012 was something for me. It was a challenging one. It challenged my maturity. It challenged my opinions. It challenged my view of the world around me.

A lot of things have been put on hold during this year. A lot of questions came up with this. Was I procrastinating? Was I lazy? Was I thinking of giving up? Is there an underlying issue inside me left unresolved?

My dreams of graduation are starting to crumble on my feet. The project that I envision to be a good one for my institution is starting to fail. A chance not to fail a course is hanging in the balance. Things aren’t going my way. Why am I going through this?

I admit there is a crisis inside me right now. It is one of faith – faith in the Lord Who gave of strength and wisdom to conquer my challenges. I don’t feel myself when I went through my journey with the Lord. Is there something I should resolve with His help?

Questions left unanswered and things that I have to resolve keep me from moving on. These are the challenges that I have to overcome in the new year.

It’s time to look back.


Back to my WP

Hello guys!

Been not blogging so often as I have been so pre-occupied by all these things I have been doing in the past months: working on my Special Problem, administering an online forum, looking for a job, and being a home bum most of the time.

As I am now on mobile most of my online life, I found it easier for me to use WordPress instead of Blogger which host my main blog, Kenneth Porio | the blog at . That’s at least for the device I’m currently using (I’m hoping to have an Android device very soon after I graduate) . Therefore before I start the new year, I’ll be doing what I can to rekindle my interest in blogging.

In the next few days when I take hold of my laptop again, I’ll be tweaking this blog and give it a new name, integrate it on my social media accounts and much more.

So catch my new posts soon!