ICs: Digital Creepy Crawlers

ICs: Digital Creepy Crawlers

(Taken during CMSC 130 (Digital Design) laboratory class, March 09, 2011.)

They look creepy. They look icky. They look scary. But no, they’re essential things to digital life.

Integrated circuit packages are those we handle everytime during Digital Design class. We use them to analyse functions concerning binary sequences and logic operations. We connect them with an assortment of wires and a breadboard (nope, not the one used for bread, but the one used for circuits like these). We use them to know how digital life really is.

Digital life is an endless stream of ones and zeroes, and these creepy crawlers, whether this size or many times smaller than them, are what makes it more meaningful.


A Child’s Wonder for Futbol

A Child's Wonder for Futbol

Every other afternoon, students, either varsity players or class members of PE 2 SO (Soccer), come at the football field of UP Mindanao to play the “beautiful game.” They may do it to prepare for competition, to learn the game, or do it for just plain fun.

As I snapped this photo, there was a little girl, maybe around five or six years-old, apparently a child of the nearby sitio, playing around the goalposts, hanging herself in the crossbar like a monkey, staring at the students doing football practice.

Maybe she was staring at her “kuyas” and “ates,” whom she sees everyday. Maybe she was curious at what the objects the students were kicking. Maybe she was wondering how she would be able to kick that ball. Maybe she is wondering about the game.

I don’t know what’s in her mind right now, but I think she might be able to dream someday to play futbol. Who knows when…

A great read from Englishman Roy Moore on how he and his team of kids in the slums of Payatas have been doing lately. Mentioned in his post is a rant about how his team could not reach its full potential due to the issue about the barangay basketball league there – fighting for hours just to be able to use the basketball court to train his kids. However, he writes that he and his team is looking into the future with the need of a bigger area to encourage more kids to play football.
(And yeah, Roy does play basketball… but he says England’s naff in that sport… :-p )

It’s been a while since my last post. Over a year I think, nearly two. Part of the reason I’ve not updated my blog is that we’ve been really busy at the foundation and things have grown a lot, part of it has been writing elsewhere and now being an accredited football journalist, and part of it is laziness, the latter of which probably account for the biggest chunk :p

But things have grown a lot. Since starting Payatas FC February, 2011, the football team at the Payatas Dumpsite, we have won 7 tournaments and reached the Semi Finals in most of the others. Most recently we entered two teams in the 1st ever Pinay Futbol Invitational Cup and finished 1st and 3rd (the two teams met in the Semi Finals). The players are obviously improving but importantly their attitudes and behaviour are too. Below is the picture of the…

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I have only three months to go before I should graduate this year. With this short time, I need to rush things up. Now, I must redeem myself.

I bought a pad of sticky notes yesterday to keep me informed of what to do in the next few days. I know I do not have the time now to enjoy, and I should act now. So the sticky notes, which are now on the wall of my bedroom, should remind me every now and then.

It still makes me think if I could still make it that far. It’s a challenge for me to finish up what I have started. It’ll be great for me to be able to be on stage getting that diploma that I have dreamed of. And I have to be reminded of that.

I wanna go out there and be reminded that there is a world waiting for me – a world that is cruel, impatient, demanding and unforgiving. It will be hard for me not to be reminded of that.

Time is short. Now I have to remind myself.

Random Tambayan

Random Tambayan

Somewhere around the corner, in the outdoors, you see a chair.

Sometimes you just sit there and do nothing. Think about something. Look beyond. Go deep. Into the bowels of nowhere.

You realise that chair you sat becomes your own pond of imagination, where ideas and opinions are ready to catch. A feast of endless possibilities. A treat for something big.

Make every outdoor chair your tambayan. Your bumming station. Your site of imagination.

Is my British accent “posh”-sounding?

I went to kill my boredom to see if I had trained my British accent well… and the quiz says it so… I think.

Which British accent do you have?
Your Result: Posh Totty!
You must have been very well brought up or simply remember how the English language was actually meant to be spoken like. It’s amazing how many people have forgotten this but you haven’t so job well done chum!