“…then don’t support.”

This is Jason de Jong’s reply to an Azkals fan on Twitter who pleaded to him not to “question [her] support.” The fan made statements on her Twitter account that she thinks the Philippine national team did not have a great performance on their friendly match against Myanmar on February 6, 2013 in Yangon, which the away team won 1-0.

De Jong argued that they “won against Myanmar and that’s a great result,” and “leave the b____s____ [and] support the team.” Maybe he wanted the “displeased” fan that take the positives out of that win.

Jason ranted after that fifteen-minute Twitter fight that he is “sick and tired of people who don’t know anything about football opening there (sic) mouth.”

Who really gained the support after this incident? Is it the Azkals fan who stayed on her opinion that the national team was only “lucky” for the win? Or is it Jason de Jong who tried to control critical arguments for the sake of maintaining the fan’s support?

Your call.

The Twelfth (Wo)man

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There goes my fifteen minutes of fame.

Yes, Mr. de Jong. I’ve only been a football fan for a short time (hence my URL, confessionsofaNEWfootyfan), and I admit I do not know everything about the sport. That, however, doesn’t make me less of a fan. That doesn’t and shouldn’t mean my support is of a lesser value than the people who claim to ‘know everything about the sport’.

I started out as a fan girl (of yours, if I may add), but I researched my ass off to learn more about the team, and the game that I have grown to love. I watched all the home games in Manila at the Rizal Memorial Stadium— some even by my lonesome. I supported the team, through both wins and losses. I cried with every loss, and cried even more (this time, of joy) with every hard-earned win.

I find it…

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For Great Service


January 10, 2013.

Opening day of SM SaveMore Market in Bajada Plaza, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City.

Many stores like these have been sprawling like butterflies all over Davao. A few months ago, a sister SM property opened – SM Lanang Premier, a massive shopping mall only 1.5 kilometres away from this store. Another few months before that, a rival mall, Abreeza, a joint project of Ayala Land and ANFLOCOR, opened.

There is another mall being constructed, Gaisano Mall of Toril. Yes, it’s in Toril, Davao City. I am sure that the people from far south of the city and the neighbouring towns of Sta. Cruz and Digos City in Davao del Sur are excited for this.

And another rival, NCCC, is planning to build another full branch in the upper barangay of Mintal, where my University is located. (Mintal already has a branch of HB1, the convenience-store arm of NCCC.) There are rumours there are more high-end malls and supermarkets to come in more areas of the city. I won’t be surprised if there will be one in the suburban districts of Buhangin, Bunawan, maybe even the upland districts of Calinan and Marilog. (By the way, Calinan just got a new branch of Jolibee!)

But it all boils down to do great service to a city that is just so huge. Yeah, Davao is geographically massive that these things should happen.