With the Struggles of the People

With the Struggles of the People

April 19, 2013.
UP Mindanao 16th Commencement Exercises.

During the Valedictory Speech of Julius Voltaire Villanueva, he mentioned the struggles of the people, which prompted those who understand them, student leaders and media practictioners (that includes me) in particular, to stand up and raise their left fists as a sign of support.

I support the notion that UP graduates, and all college graduates in general, should live with the goal to “serve the people.”

(Photo by Therese Tinio)


Enjoying till the End

18 April 2013, University of the Philippines Mindanao, 12:00pm.

In less than 24 hours, I will be a graduate of UP Mindanao. It has been a wonderful six years in this institution. All the anticipation, the aspirations, the suffering, the pain, the struggles, the relief and all the joy I have had here will be cherished forever.

As I sit on one of the white, graffiti-marked benches of the Atrium, I begin to reminisce those first days here. The Admin building wasn’t painted yet. Some of the roads weren’t paved yet. The canteen shack of Ate Marichu. The “giant ashtray.” The trek to Kanluran. But what remained was the nature that enveloped in this learning haven secluded from the hustle and bustle of downtown Davao life. It made my stay here even more enlivening and interesting.

The birds that chirp each and every day, the occasional moos of cows and carabaos, the splatter of green flora, the fresh air of the uplands, all have reminded me how privileged I am to pass the UPCAT and be able to study here. Never in my life would I experience this opportunity.

Would I have studied elsewhere here in Davao, would I experience the same thing I enjoyed in UPMin all these years? To be frank, it’s an absolute NO. Yes, I will be nearer to my family but I think I wouldn’t experience that sort of tranquility and freedom I got from UPMin. It’s absolutely different.

Now that I am to bid farewell to this second home for a good six years, I will definitely miss this place. Sobra. Grabe. Über. When I wear my Sablay tomorrow, that would be the time this experience would end, at least temporarily.

Thanks UP Mindanao. Until we meet again.

Writing a Laptop Blog?


As I am venturing into work in the next few months, I will have less time doing blogging, but at the back of my mind, I want to blog through a specific topic, not just in random like I usually do in this blog and on my main blog in Blogger.

I’m a gadget enthusiast, although I wanted myself to focus on gadgets that are on the lower-end budget kinds. I’d like to blog about laptop computers. I’d like to blog on how to buy the best bang-for-your-buck laptop out there. But I want it to be as Pinoy as possible.

Most of the laptop buying guides I find on the Internet are for the US market, giving figures in US dollars. I want to make one on my own that will fit for the Filipinos who are budget-wise. Maybe giving them options on how to squeeze out the extra money on buying those laptop without an OS installed (actually it’s only DOS installed in there). Or having to know the best size for the user. Or the best options to use programs with a low-end processor like the Pentium, the Celeron or the Atom.

Maybe after graduation will I decide if I start this one.

UPMin Oblation on Graduation Day

UPMin Oblation on Graduation Day

April 19, 2011. UP Mindanao, Davao City.

During Commencement Exercises, the Oblation statue is adorned with the “sablay,” a sign of celebration and the end of the journey of the many graduates that would grace the event.

As my Graduation Day draws near on April 19th, 2013, I’m looking forward for what will happen after this day.

(Photo courtesy of Sam Sanchez and Himati)

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty

March 20, 2013. CSM Grounds, UP Mindanao.

A white hibiscus flower blooms in the gardens of the CSM grounds. Its petals looked like the lacy skirt of the baro’t saya, the ones the Spanish-era Filipina women wore.

Graceful blooms that open up a fresh perspective of what life can offer.