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Daily Reminders

Daily Reminders

10 June 2013

ContentCuisine.com Office, Matina, Davao City.

I’m currently on training for a new job at a small office in Matina, Davao City. I got my own desk, so I can do whatever is possible here.

As I sometimes get forgetful, I wanna be reminded of what to do for the day. So I took a pad of sticky notes with me and had them on my desk.

As of now, I need to improve myself – keep off distractions, focus and research well. So much for that.

Hoping for better times.

With the Struggles of the People

With the Struggles of the People

April 19, 2013.
UP Mindanao 16th Commencement Exercises.

During the Valedictory Speech of Julius Voltaire Villanueva, he mentioned the struggles of the people, which prompted those who understand them, student leaders and media practictioners (that includes me) in particular, to stand up and raise their left fists as a sign of support.

I support the notion that UP graduates, and all college graduates in general, should live with the goal to “serve the people.”

(Photo by Therese Tinio)